Newly opened bakery on Manihi

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 7 Jul 2013 04:00
The weather is very rough out there. Thank god we are behind a "Motu". A Motu is one of the coral islands that form a band of pearls around an atholl. So there are actually passages in between every Motu, but most of them are to shallow for a boat to pass.
When I paddle along a Motu and come to the end of it, there is a small passage to be made, there the current flows strong with the tide and you can see the waves breaking BIG on the utside. As the weather is getting worse we are happy to be inside the Atholl. One boat was on the net this morning telling that the weather is just to bad to try to enter a pass, so they have to hive to and wait out there.
Actually I think you should go in at Google Earth or maps on the web and serach for Manihi and look for yourselfe. Because an atholl does not look at all from what I thought. I had no idea they where so large.
We are all alone here and that means we can swim as we where born. Very nice. This is the first time since we left Stockholm that we have ben all by ourselfe at anchor. Good for a change even if we truly appreciate all the friends we have made along the way.
So what do you do when the rain is pouring over us and the weather does not call for much outdoor activity?
First of all Ellinor looked over the fruit situation and she came up with a solution to our need to consume a lot of lemons before they consume themselves. She and the kids made Lemon Curd! As if that was not enought they demanded me to make scones for LUNCH!
What kind of lunch is that? Well very enjoyable of course... And the lemon curd is the best I ever had.
I wrote on the book and dived on the anchor and it does not look funny down there. We have snared a big coral head with our anchor chain. Well the good news is that we have not to worry about that the anchor will  not hold, the bad news is that we have to sort it out when we leave.You may have the same picture of a coral head I had before getting here. Cute colorful corals on a big patch. No No, this heads are at 12 meters depth, old dead coral that are big as elephants. We did put fenders along the chain to keep it halfway floating and not get involved in the bottom stuff, but it did not help in strong winds.
Now we have to make dinner. It is dark out there and its only six o clock.