transit Panama as a line handler

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Mon 8 Apr 2013 01:55
So I came back today after being on board Miss My since yesterday as a line handler.
It takes 24 hours to transit.
It was very good and I can strongly recommend being a linehandler as a preparation before your own transit.

Olof, the skipper announces our coming to the Flats

Advisors come on board to all yachts on transit

Our advisor, preparing according to schedule

The ship we will share chambers with on the way up

Time to bundle with a boat
Then one skipper is the one driving the whole group

Line are thrown at us, four in all.

We connect our lines to the throwing lines

Kristina on Miss My in action

Emil has thousand questions but helps me a lot with the winch

The current is STRONG!

First step 9 meters up, we will be that times three before the end of the day

Monkey  fists are thrown with big precision

Advisor on the Norwegian boat

The big ships have trains moving them forward

Done day 1, a buoy in the lake of Gatun (with crocks!)

Advisors leave us for the night.

early morning (we have to be up at 6)

Björn on Lady Glion is helping out as well

New day new bundles, now we have three boats!

And some big ones go on their own

Hallberg Rassy 48 (one year old) free at last from the bundle.

Advisor from day two leave us under Bridge Americana

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