Stars in the water

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 11 Jan 2015 04:10
So here is the news to everybody that has been asking and asking, what will we do in the future?
We have had some serious discussions and have come to this.
We are not keen on sailing the Indian Ocean (would have if we could have done the Suez), so it will be avoided if we can sell the boat here.
The boat is still for sale but we will lower the price to make her more attractive.
The family feels very very sad about leaving her but the cost of shipping is outrageous and we
have not found any reason to bring her home and just have her after spending that money. A boat of this size needs love, lots of love.
She is the best now, has never been better. All systems are working great and we have caught up with maintanance. But as you know, it is a boat.
If we do not sell before April we will sail her to AUS and check things out, before that we need to know the costs of importing etc.
Hopefully we can afford (depending on the selling situation) to explore Australia on wheels for a month and then fly home.
Get settled and be wherever we going to live close to Stockholm and Andreas can start first grade, Erika can continue her school.
So thats the plan now, and to us it feels like things start to move fast. Strange.
To circumnavigate has never been important, we feel we are priviledged to have experienced the southern Pacific more than we would have done if we would have moved on.
Stars in the water? Sea fire is intense now (mareld), so intense that it glitters in the water just by ripples. Amazing.