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Date: 16 Aug 2014 18:30:17
Title: The most spoiled kid

Yesterday was saturday and with that comes saturday candy and discussions on how much you can get (10 pieces).
Erika thinks we are spoiling her little brother and she is always complaining about him getting extras (well 10 pieces for him as well).
Being 10 and having a brother that is 6 and clinging on to mom is annoying.
Andreas is going through a period were he realizes that people die. And with that comes the fear that his parent will die before him. He says he want to live with us all his life and that he wants to dye before us...

Yesterday we found a problem with the rig on Salsa, one more challenge to take care of. But it looks like we can get it fixed by a real rigger in Fiji.
Anyway talking about spoiled, Erika concluded that the most spoiled in our little world is Salsa. She always demands more from us. Never happy, never content.
As soon as we don't look after her she snaps off a problem to get more attention.
So for once the focus on our spoiled kid was not on Andreas and the kids had a lot of fun personalizing Salsa and how she demanded and demanded, but to be fair, that she also has taken very good care of us.



No we are not sailing around with the ARC flag, I just took that picture from the archive since it showed well what D2 is (Diagonal 2 is the name of that stay, every stay has a name)

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