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Date: 21 Dec 2012 19:30:30
Title: pics from the Atlantic 1

Andreas not feeling well

Gives you an idea on the waveheight

Andreas slept in the cockpit

Erika feeling ill

Going downhill a 5-6 meter wave

Feeling ill but keeping up

Waves get bigger, everybody is harnessed even in cockpit

The rail for the spinacker boom is bent (we used only genua sheeted out)

Mad man takes it away

Closer to Cap Verde, shall we stop or not?

We had enought onion

Fresh bread and cinamon rolls did the job

The Bakerdoctor

Fresh Sour dough bread!

Sour dough getting room temperature on a leash

e mailing friends

The weather gets better and warmer

The ARC flag did not  take the bad weather

Home made christmas calender

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