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Date: 12 Sep 2012 12:06:47
Title: N 42.41.951 W 09.13.266

We are now sailing downwind, the sun is shining, surfing on 2 m waves. On the left is the Spanish coastline with it's magnificent mountains. We have had two schools of dolphins playing around the boat. The children yelling with excitement.
Life is good, really good.
Now we are aiming for Ria Alvores, one of the famous Rias along the atlantic coast.
A ria is a river outlet and a fjord with a small archipellago sometimes.
Yesterday we where in Ria Camarinas. Layed anchor and took the dinghy to Camarinas. A very friendly and nice little town, no tourism, just a lot of fishing vessels and small nice shops. We had a great dinner in a restaurant that by accident could serve food at seven o clock! Then we filled the dinghy with food from a Supermerchado and got back to the boat.

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