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Date: 22 Jul 2012 21:09:04
Title: How to play without words

In Scheveningen we bumped in Salsa to our new boat neighbourghs on a ship called Shipley. On board was a wonderful dutch family that had children on board. The new experience for Erika was to play with a friend at the same age but without understanding each other. The managed to draw together and even make new games. This was a good start as Erika has been worried about how to play with foreign children. As we where invited to a glass of wine one evening, Erika and her new friend Sara had no time to be with us, they were playing loud disco music from Saras cabin. - Erika said afterwards that in a way it is nice not to be able to talk and understand, you can relax from that part and just have fun...

Staffan Ehde
Kill your darlings,
before they kill you.

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