pub quiz answers

Mearra Nieida
Pekka Salonoja
Tue 24 Jan 2017 16:06
sijainti/position 15:55.6S, 09:19.5W
Thank you for the feedback, and please excuse the long delay. I was totally disconnected from all things electronic.
Here are the answers. The correct ones were deleted as garbage, so this is the best we can do now.
1. South Africa’s neighbours are Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. [The population of Les, Nam and Bot is almost identical, hope I got the order right
2. If you go north or south from Congo, you end up in Angola. Not so good either.
3. There are 13 official languages. Sign language was added this year.
4. Sonangol is Angola‘s national oil company. It is headed by Isabel dos Santos, daughter of the president. Anyone surprised?
5. Tristan da Cunha is an island west of Cape town. Their closest neighbors are in Saint Helena, almost 3000 km away. The capital has probablyn a couple hundred people, and is called Edinburgh of th High Seas. Sounds grand!
6. This was tricky. On of you wrote that the questions are from some of the new crew members. Right. One wrote that they were so smart that thney can’tbe from an engineer. Totally wrong, there are now only engineers on the boat!