Ischia - Castello Aragonese

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Fri 14 Jun 2024 17:14
40 43 54N 13 57 70E Ischia island at anchor, 9-15 June

A new island, Ischia, we had no expectations, but it felt so good to anchor just in front of  Castello Aragonese.. 
Very good holding and not too crowded.
Yesterday and today we have had a lots of 'neighbours', many boats from Napoli are here for the weekend. Mostly motor boats.
Today we rented a scooter and went around the island. not so impressed, sorry!!
Now you are surprised that we have been here so long, but we are waiting for some good winds to take us further north. Our next stop will be the the island Ponza and from there we will, hopefully, be able to sail to Lido del Faro on the mainland, close to Rome.
So all good, at six o'clock tomorrow we will take up the hook and heading further North!

Capri. We approached it and passed it. What a unattractive tourist trap. Crowded with all kind of vessels. And it does not even look nice.
We choose to change plan and go to Ischia instead.


Ischia. Castello Aragonese. What a view. And a perfectly sheltered bay. 


Breathtaking. What a view!

It's a green colourful lush island. 

Yes, down there in the protected bay is Sans Peur.