Happy days together with Karolina & Felix and our very good friend Roberto

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Thu 27 Jul 2017 17:37

42 20 86N 14 24 69E Marina Ortona IT

​​Felix (3,5 months old). Our new crew member.

​This is Abruzzo. 

After fantastics days in Venice together with Max we continued directly to Ortona.

Here we met up with Karolina and Felix, our new member (Felix) of our family!! 

Also we met our very good friend Roberto who lives, during summer, in the little beautiful town Arielli  surrounded with vineyards, olive treas, tasty fruits and fresh vegetables. What a treat.

In the high season of the wine production they produce one milion liter of wine every day ... in just one cantina!!!!

We went for some testings together with our private guide Roberto and bought as much as we could. 

So many nice wines at fantastic prices. Our problem ... where to store everything.

Enough of wine. 

Can you emagine having you first little grandchild onboard for the first time? 

He was just amazing, no complains. 

It was very hot, still sleept very well (he is only 4 months) during nights. 

We are sure he liked the little rock&rolling in the master cabin together with mammy. He will be the big ”Matrose” when he is back on Sans Peur again.

Felix is such a good little guy, it was wonderful to spend this time with Karolina and him, we missed daddy Victor though ... but we think he was in good hands in J-burgh SA, working!!!

Roberto took very good care of us, as always!!

It makes such a difference having someone around knowing the surroundings and the language.

We had great days and evenings together all of us and Emma (his mother) ... amazing dinners, BBQs,

genuine street food experiences and of course lots of fantastic wines. 

There where lot of truly genuin nice local encounters.

Wonderful days together and we miss you all!!!

Thank you so much Roberto!

We had a very very good time together.