Sailing Queensland - Leaving for Indonesia - Slowly heading "home" to The Med

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Fri 17 Sep 2021 11:07
1450 Nm & 15 stop, 8/8 - 3/9  
We left Scarborough Marina 8 August sailing North. Yes most of the time we where sailing actually.
And you will manage to do it just by day sails. 
It can be tough and rough so it's really nice to be able to have a whole night of dreamless sleep.
It took as 24 days to get to Thursday Island, we anchored opposite at Horn Island.
Torres strait has very demanding sailing conditions; strong wind, currents and tidal currents.


750 Nm

A slow sailing run. No stops. A bit of motoring. 
No stops just flat sea and slow moment. It took us 7 days to cover this distance.


6000 Nm (about) sailing in Australia sin we we arrived 2019 from Vanuatu.

World Circumnavigation

This is about the same distance we have left to get to The Med. Home for us. Yes we are really longing to get there.

So far we have sailed 36 000 Nm to get here in 7 years.

Slowly we are getting there. 
Covid has really fucked up everything.

Indonesia here we come.