Itinerary, 7 Jan - 2 Feb 2016 / Back in Crete / Thoughts about the future

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Wed 17 Feb 2016 15:52
​Marina A​ghios, Crete

We are back again onboard Sans Peur. Perfect weather, like summer in Scandinavia.
This is really a nice place to spend winter. Not to to cold. Shorts and T-shirt in the middle of the winter. Perfect.
Interesting sailing community to share ideas and to socialise with. And the local Cretans are very friendly and helpful.
Whats more is that you can easily afford to treat yourself at almost any local bar and restaurant. Lot of valuable for money.
The weekly walks is one of the high lights. BBQ on Sundays at the sailing club is also something to lok forward to.
Plenty of nice bike rides in the surroundings.

It was really nice to get together with good old friends and some close family. And we hope to see them onboard coming sailing season.

By air to and from Milano. And then by rental car. Altogether our Citroen Picasso managed about 3000 km in 26 days.
In order to get from Italy to Denmark, Sweden and Berlin, we needed also to use two ferries.  

Skiing in Italy together friends. Always a superduperWOW. Being together with close relatives in Denmark is something you really need from time to time in order to stay mentally healthy. The food, native language and our culture. Yes! In Sweden we also had some amazing food and a lot of laughters. Thank you so much! Spending some time with our oldest daughter, Karolina, in Berlin was exciting and hectic. Always spectacular fun. Makes you feel young (and exhausted).

There was also time to do some shopping. Sans Peur needed (always needs something) some new stuff. Altogether 25 kg this time.

Our intension was to participate in the ARC+ this year. But we decided to cancel that. To much still to add and try out before we cross the Atlantic. And after meeting and beeing in contact with some experienced sailers we think it's to early to cross in November.
Better to spend Christmas in the Canaries next year 2017 and then when the Trade Winds are more stable in January it's a better time to sail off we learned.

For the time beeing we try to tic off at least one item every day on our to do list. Sans Peur has to be ready for the thrilling sailing season.
There is always something to do and plan for. Repairs, maintenance, new stuff to be added, ...

Life is good. This way of living suits us perfect.

Cheers to every body!

PS You always learn something new, interesting thoughts!