Albania, Sarande - A new country, a new experience - A good one

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Sat 6 May 2017 16:54
39 52 15 N 20 00 13 E  Sarandë

A place you should visit as a sailor. No problems what so ever.

Leaving Greece for Albania. 

​Arriving at noon after 3 hours, just 16 Nm today.

​This is where we are moored. Agim "our" agent met us on the custom quay. VHF 11.
A very nice old gentlemen. You need an agent to be able to check in to Albania. 
Paperworks done smoothly in no time, cost of entering and staying in Sarande 50 Euro.
The rest of our journey in Albania planned, towards Montenegro.
Agim had contacts in the places we want to visit, easy. 
Tomorrow we will leave, first light, for Vlores, 63 Nm away. According to Predict Wind we will be able to sail.
But again beeing in The Med you never know.

​We had a very tasty lunch at a local restaurang. Perfect cocked fresh fish and calamares (squid)
with the taste of something just landed. It seems that there are still some fish/shellfish around in 
this country. The local Tirana lager and the white wine was all fine. 
Very nice staff. 

​First salt water dip this year, should be around 21 C now. 

​One of the 700 000 personell bunkers built to protect Albania from western invasion???!!!
How fucked was that.

​This is where we are moored at the moment. This is in the customs area. Well protected.
And there are electricity and H2O available.
Feels good to be here. People, the locals, are really enjoying there freedom, especially
the youngsters.
Good on them.