Siracusa Sicily

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Tue 8 Aug 2023 07:22
37 03 38N 15 17 00E 4/8 - 8/8 At anchor.

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Flag of Sicily

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Nice to be back in Siracusa. It’s a very special lovely town.
We have been here in the months of April and September before, ofcourse this time we shared the town with SO many other tourists. We all found out that to be in the small narrow streets, in the shade, was the best place to be. It’s very hot when you are ashore but out at anchor you have a nice breeze.
Now we are on our way to Pozallo, last stop before Licata, Marina di Cala del Sole. Looking forward to be back there again. We will stay there for the winter, nice!!