Leaving Agios Nikolaos, Crete - 8 months - Just fantastic! - So many nice memories

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Wed 1 Jun 2016 19:34

Grete preparing for take off. Summer uniform. One bikini for every occasion. 
Yesterday at Portes. Fare well party for some really nice and good friends. 
Tessa (with me) & Tony (to the left), Gill & Paul (to the right) and Oscar (the cute little dog at the far end)  & Marc.
Tony organised the weekly walks which was the highlight of our stay. 
Crete is harsh but in a beautiful way and this we learned while while walking.
And it was the perfect way to get to know all the other sailers in the harbour. Thank you Tony.
BBQs on Sundays, also one of our favourites. Gill and Paul added much positive vibes to our stay here, in many ways. Keep on going!
The biggest hart in the marina, Tessa. Lovely crazy. We will never forget you.

Caz & Jerry plus Bob and Amy (the dogs). Buy, buy guys! We will miss you.
YES! It was a very very very pleasant stay. We really love Crete and it's habitants. Soooooo many nice people.
Climate, nature, people, food .... this is where people from the Nordic countries easily enjoy life.
Some day we will be back, for sure.
HAPPY DAY! First of June. Look at this lady. Totally recovered and enjoying life 100% again. First swim this year.
Tonight we are anchored in Spinalonga. Feels just great, to be on the move again ... new adventures ...
Grete will sleep in the master cabin, fan on. Me, Fred, will sleep under the stars on deck.
Cheers everybody!
PS How the hell can there be mosquitos in the middle of a sea od salt water????