Kotor - Maja & Finn

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Sun 21 May 2017 20:42
This part of Montenegro is like a fjord (relates to the landscape in Norway). Harsh landscape with spectacular sceneries.
We like it a lot. Today we made a day trip to the Kotor together with Maja and Finn. 
Finn is from Denmark and has been in love with this country since 2002. 
Another stunning view.
City walls of Kotor.

Kotor is a coastal town in
​ Montenegro.
 It is located in a secluded part of the Gulf of Kotor
​, ​
one of the most indented parts of the Adriatic Sea.The old port of Kotor is surrounded by fortifications built during the Venetian
​ ​

 Some have called it the southern-most

​ fjord​
 in Europe, but it is a submerged river canyon. Together with the nearly overhanging limestone cliffs, Kotor and its surrounding area form an impressive and picturesque Mediterranean landscape.

In recent years. Kotor has seen an increase in tourists, many of them coming by cruise ships (to many).
Kotor is a UNESCO World Heritage Site."
Finn & Maja

This is the way to live. On your own little private island.
This is where Maja & Finn are spending the summer.