Puerto Rico US, San Juan - New Lithium batteries installed

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Sun 29 Apr 2018 23:21
17 57 96N 66 37 05W Ponce, La Guancha at anchor  19 - 30 April

We have been 10 days now. Time is really flying. This is Spain.

- Mr Perkins is well and sound again

- Freezer fixed

- New Lithium battery bank installed.

Time to leave. Dominican Republic and Haiti next (Island Hispaniola). 

Thursday 19 April we arrived. We where very worried. Our work horse Mr Perkins was not working properly.
First time since we left the Netherlands 2014.

There are so many "smart" people out there. Fuel pump needs to be serviced. Would take a considerable time and a huge amount of dollars.

Luckily we found Cesar through the marina. Engine has been running 3500 hours now, hum? Shouldn't be a problem.
Lets change the fuel filters. Said and done. Mr Perkins was running as usual again.

This means that our fuel is not as clean as we would desire.
Normally we change fuel filters every 500 hours. This was at "only" at 200 hours.

Our freezer was down again. Shit, shit, shit ...
Turned out that Cesar knows everything about refrigeration as well. One lock at the compresor and the diagnosis is a leak there.
In no time the compressor was out. 
He did some welding in his work shop, three small holes, bad work from the factory (Isotherm).

The last week we have been checking the temp of the freezer everyday. 
No way we will fill it up with expensive meat and have to through the hole lot away again.
Anyway it seems to work again now. Very happy.

Since we left the Netherlands 2014 our batteries has always been a concern.
We changed  our 4 x Mastervolt Gel service batteries 2015.
Although expensive and safe they are not made for the way we sail ... passages, at anchor ...

This mean you are nor able to charge them 100% so they just slowly vanish.
At the end, now, we had to start the generator first thing in the morning in order to have electricity through the day. 
This means we couldn't leave the boat at anchor over night. 

It took us some time to find the company selling Lithium batteries on this islans, ReLion.
And it's nor cheap. Super expensive stuff. 
At the end we went for 4 x 100 Amp Lithium 12 volt. 

More about that in next blog. 

We rented a car in order to visit other parts of the island. This is the capital, San Juan, and the most interesting place to visit on this island.
Yes it's historic and has some charm but again being from Europe ... this is so over rated. 
The Med is so much more interesting from all points of view.

Tomorrow we will set sails for Dominican Republic. Has to be a bit civiliced. There is three IKEAs there.
There will be Swedish meat balls for sure.

Some boring photos from San Juan (the capital).