Montbeliard - Today we will reach the highest point on this canal

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Sun 12 Apr 2015 06:49
47 30 28 N 0647 56 E

Montbeliard PK 164, 12 April

It’s 8:30 and a sunny crisp and calm day.

We have made arrangements with VNF (they are in charge of all water ways in France) that we will continue
towards Montreux Chateau, the highest point on Canal Rhone au Rhine and that we will start at 9.

From where we are moored we can see the first lock, E14. There are 11 locks and 21 km left to the top now,
340 m above sea level.
Means altogether 79 locks to the top.

At lock 8 we have to return our lock remote control and then VNF will prepare and do the locking for us.

From the top to Mulhouse, end of the canal, there is 33 km:s and 39 locks. A lot of locks!
But going downstream makes the handling of ropes in the locks much easier.

We hope to be in Mulhouse late tomorrow.