On our way to Galaxidi, mainland Greece

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Thu 11 Aug 2016 17:42
38 22 04N 22 04 55E Nisis Trizonia  11 August

After a night in this bay, Kato Katelios, on Zakynthos, sharing the space with some serious sailors and some maniacs from Italy.
We really like Italy and Italiens, normally, but some of these yachties behave or more correct not behave. Rude and theres no seaman ship.
Entering Missalonghi on the mainland of Greece. A 5 km canal entering into some kind of swamp. Anchoring. There are rats here, we heard. No mooring.
There is some yachts around, a guy from Landskrona and a couple from Lidingö (Stockholm). Nice to meet some civiliced people. Sharing great tales at the local fancy very noisy bar. Yes, it's incredible hot. It seems that all action takes place after sundown ... until almost sunrise.   

On our way again. Leaving Missalongi.
Approaching Rion Bridge. The longest cable stayed bridge in the world.
You need permission from Rion Traffic, VHF 14, to continue. 

Like apiece of art. Just beautiful.
This is The Gulf of Patras. Wind speed 25-30 knots. Downwind doing plus 8 knots, yankee and cutter. Yes!
At anchor. Nisis (island) Trizonia, it's still blowing 25-30 knots. We are really starting to trust our Rocna, and with help from an anchor watch app (+/- 5 m) we monitor the movements of our yacht. Fantastic, when it works. I mean, all the fantastic equipment onboard ... when it start to fuck up you are in expensive trouble every time. 
That's why we are here. We need spare parts for our ridiculous expensive Whisper Power Generator already after just 53 hours of running.