Picking olives in Crete

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Thu 26 Nov 2015 18:47
What ​
an experience

Pauline and Robin
​ (+70)​
​, ​
​ very experienced
​moored ​
arina Ag Nikolaos for many years. 
​Last adventure was crossing the Atlantic and then ending in Australia where they sold their 17m home made steel boat.
​Time for 
new projec
n England, a 300-years old house that they are now renovating
​ and in Crete they bought a small olive grove.
They love to hike and they are the two "pioneers" who have found all our nice walks around the island which we all are enjoing so much.

​Their ​
olive grove
​ consists of ​
240 olive trees
​ ​
and ​an 
old caravan in the middle of
ight now
​ it's time for harvesting. ​And they 
​a couple of hands to do the heavy work.​
Is there any volunteers from the marina ?? Of course there are, p
ple lined up and it was a very pleasant experience.

We harvested 1312 kg, in four days, the result was 230 liters of
​high quality
​e ​
​, Extra Virgin Oil​
We will n​
ever complain about the price of ol
​ive ​
​l again.​
It is very hard
behind every liter.
​ About one liter per tree.
It was fun and interesting to be part of this
The last day ended up with BBQ, beers, wine, raki ... many laughters ... and even singalong. Jamas!