Pozzallo (last stop before Licata)

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Tue 8 Aug 2023 16:34

36 43 17N 14 50 44E Pozzallo 8 August

We are moored at the petrol station. Managed to get 296 liters of diesel. Price 1,850 Euro/liter. Expensive.
Today we managed 44Nm motor sailing.
The wind is changing a lot during the day. At 23 tonight we will take off. 52Nm to go.
During the night there is no wind. ETA Licata, Marina di Cala del Sole, ca 10.

JPEG image

She looks like a tomato now.

JPEG image

Port Pozzallo

JPEG image

Moored at the petrol station. There’s a tiny marina.