Pulau (island) Bawean

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Thu 11 Nov 2021 09:02
Pulau Bawean 05 43 80S 112 40 19E  (at anchor)

Nightsail. We left from Lovina yesterday, first light, 05:30. And covered 216 Nm in 35 hours motoring.
Sun, rain, thunder, and the sea is crowded with fishing boats.
Since we left Darwin there has been a crazy amount of motoring. 
Tomorrow we leave for Borneo 180 Nm away. 

This is really scary stuff. FAD. Fuck them. 

Pulau Bawean. Here we will anchor for the night.

We where hoping to be able to have a smooth night.
The swell is just awful. Worse then being sailing. We need a lot of beer, GT and whiskey in order to rest.
On top of that you have this bad laud noise tormenting you from  broken speakers. Noice pollution. Mental torture.
So much screaming and dissonance. It's like a competition. Most highest noice wins.