Upstream, 11 locks - Highest point - Downstream, 15 locks

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Sun 12 Apr 2015 17:14
47 38 17N  07 06 96E 

Dannemarie, 12 April 

What a extraordinary day! Again. Perfect weather, sun. Not to warm, not to cold. 
It’s Sunday and people are moving about everywhere along the canal enjoying life in their best way.
And we are, happy, but definitely a major tourist attraction as well it seems.
Today we manage to make 11 locks upstream (to the highest point) and then another 15 locks downstream in just 9 km:s.
People cheering you at the locks. Bravo, bravo …
8,5 hours of interesting canal life today. 
And we are really happy about the fact that we reached and managed so far just the two of us with no incidents at all.
And very soon the tricky narrow canal looking will be over. Interesting, as said. But Sans Peur is not made for this.
Tomorrow, the last day on this narrow old canal, we will reach Mulhouse after 23 locks.
There will be a celebration.  

The last lock upstream, PK 185, 340 m above sea level (185 km:s and 79 locks)

15 locks downstream in just 9 km:s
Sans Peur ready for the race down the lock stair towards Dannemarie
Who is that guy? So concentrated that he doesn’t even now that he is being photographed
On the side of the old lock. They must have been very proud, at that time, achieving building these canals.