Leaving Sicily - First day of a very adventourous sailing season

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Sun 23 Apr 2017 19:52
Last view of Marina di Cala del Sole, Licata, Sicily, Italy.
Tomorrow first light we will start. The beginning of a new great sailing adventure. 
It will be almost a year of constant sailing. Feels great. 
A couple of new countries to visit and an ocean to cross.
It will take us two days to get to Siracuse and from there we will sail directly to Corfu, Greece.
Three days and two nights. 
We need to get used to night sailing. Soon we will head from Portugal to Madeira and the Canaries.
Tonight we had our last pizzas at Molina, well done extra cheese, beer and wine, 20 E.
Ad then a cappuccino plus a white grappa at our happy hour place in the marina.
In twenty min we will be in bed.  
Marina di Cala del Sole, Licata, was nice. Sicily as well. 
Etna, the volcano, is spectacular. 
Nero di Avola (red wine) and Grillo (white) was new nice inexpensive experiences.

Highlights was Happy Hours, BBQs, Etna, Sicilien wine, ... 
and of course the interaction with our sailing friends in the marina.

Harriet and Gustaf (Finland) being around the Med for 14 years and still contributing 
a lot to the sailing community. Thank you so very much!

Staff and marineros in the marina has been wonderful. Thank you guys.