UK Gibraltar

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Tue 12 Sep 2017 19:27
36 09 70N 05 21 71W  Gibraltar, at anchor  12 September

This is the best thing about Gibraltar, some serious tax free.

Walking over the landing strip. Winston Churchill Avenue.
Gibraltar with 30000 Brits. 96% voted for stay in EU. 
This might be the next Falklands.
Why on earth should they be there? This is Spain. A irritating lost course.
Anyway today we sailed into the UK harbour (from Spain) in order to fuel up.
That was a very very pleasant surprise.
You fuel up diesel at the lowest rate ever since we left NL 2014, about 0,5 Euro/liter.
"Anything else Sir?"
What? There are some very cheap good booze around, at the petrol station.
So we get another 4 liters of "fuel".
Total bill ca 260 Euro. 460 liters of diesel and 4 liters of serious booze. 

We will leave The Med tomorrow.
Predicted wind in right direction (we hope, but you never ever now), current?, swell?.
If the wind direction is right and with the help of Mr Perkins we hope to get through the Gibraltar strait tomorrow.
And heading for Lagos in Portugal.
It might take some days.
There is about 190 Nm to go.
And we move safe now.