Exploring Crete by walking

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Thu 12 Nov 2015 19:48
Every Thursday from now on there will be day treks. A very nice way to explore this part of Crete. Some exercise and a lot of social interaction.
Most yachties in the Marina participate. 
The taste of the beer, at Two Brothers, afterwards is one of the best. 
Thursdays is definitely something we look forward to.

Time to get organised. We are about twenty people and four eager dogs.
Todays walk, 8,5 km, will take us through the country side. 
Nice and slow, about 6 hours. And the weather is just perfect. November, impossible, it's like the best summer day.
Tony, our "guide", always shares some information. This was about the old monastery.
Now a ruin, and situated in the middle of nowhere.
Rudy is tired. But still going strong.
Crete is a hilly harsch island. Perfect for trekking.
Beautiful views, some sheep and oliv trees every where.

Incredible 80 million olive trees on Crete. 
The Cretans consume in average about 30 kg of olive oil per person and year.
 Lime, lemon and oranges trees full of fruits. And there are still plenty of colourful flowers blooming everywhere. 
Two Brothers next. A nice, well deserved, well chilled Mythos (Greek beer) and some nice company.