Sardinia - Spain - 221 Nm, 2 nights - Islas de Baleares

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Thu 17 Aug 2017 12:49
39 52 40N 04 18 29E Port de Mao, Menorca, España 

​13 August. We are leaving Sardinia. Last contact with Sardinia and Italy.
We are starting to get used to the night sails and covering a bit of more distances.

​Early morning on the 15th. Our close sailor friends Anne and Kess already at anchor in the bay.
They arrived from Sardinia yesterday. Proud owners of a Swan 42 and also crossing the Atlantic soon.
Next stop Palma de Mallorca. We will try to anchor in the bay.

Our crowded anchor bay. At prices 130 Euro per night, what!!!!, something has gone very wrong, 
of course every body tries to find a anchorage. And the locals are trying to force the sailors into
some kind of lousy marina arrangements without any service.
It was public holiday so on top of all the visiting yachties there was plenty of locals.
The whole idea of sailing is at risk. I mean sailing is about freedom, not spending time in lousy marinas.
The anchorages according to our plotter are gone. Instead there are platforms where you you should moore.
What we need is petrol and water, good anchorages. Not lousy super expensive marinas.
Still we are very happy to be here.

Evening out at a very nice restaurang. Excellent food and company at a very fair price.
Such a difference from Italy. Positive. People are very friendly and helpful, and most of then speak English.
We think Spain is much more sophisticated then Italy. At least when it comes to sailing areas.
Viva España!
BBQ onboard. Today we went to Lidl, of course. Had a nice meal together.
There is always a lot to share and discuss.
Anne and Kess will leave for Palma tomorrow.
Mallorca is a very special place for us. That;s where we met 1980.