Driving from Italy to DK & S - 1685 km

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Sat 23 Jan 2016 17:01
Driving from Italy to DK & S - 1685 km

​17 Jan​, Sunday - 685 km to Frankfurt

​Today, early in the morning, we leave Valle'd Ayas. We have to cross through Switzerland from Aosta and into "Auto Bahn country", Germany. 

​, oh no. Snow chains? ​O
n our way
​to ​
The San Bernardino Tunnel
​, at alt 2066 m, and a
length of 6.596 meters.
​This is a very slow ride.​
​Crossing Switzerland is always a bit of a hassle. Slow and traffic jams.
​Frankfurt. ​
What is that? My private chauffeur, Fred
drowe al
the way
up and down. 
​A bit demanding today.  Did you enjoy today?​ What do you think!? There is need for a relaxing GT now.
​18 Jan. 850 km to Lading, Denmark.
Autobahn, yes. Fortunately we are leaving Frankfurt in the morning.
I do not want to work in this area spending hours to and from work. ​
​The whole landscape of Germany is infested with these ugly looking "mosquitos".​
​The further north we travel through Germany the more wintery the landscape get. 
It's a sunny, bright cold day. ​

​Travelling through Germany is easy and fast. And they know how to behave.​
Soon we will be in Denmark and that is totally the opposite, driving like total idiots a kind of mind less anarchy. We like Denmark a lot, but not the way the drive. Idiots! 
​We spend a few days in Lading together with family. That's where we we live.
Winter in
​ Aarhus,​ 
​23 Jan. Ferry from Aarhus to Själlands Odde and then about 150 km through Denmark to Sweden. Crossing the famous (by now) THE BRIDGE, from Copenhagen (DK) to Malmö​ (S).

​In Malmö, this is where we used to live, we stayed and had some fun with very good friends.

Life is good,