Thursday Island to Darwin - 750 NM in one row - no stops.

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Fri 17 Sep 2021 08:22
Today is Sunday 12 September and in about 2 1/2 hours we have crossed the Golf of Capenteria. Many have warned us to go straight over, everyone thinks you should go down the coast of Cape York and then cross over. We have done well and with only a few hours left, we are safe.
Right now we are fresh and nice after a well-deserved shower.
We have started up the water maker, so we made 150 liters !! Are so happy that it works!
The generator has also worked well and without it we have been fucked up! We have never really trusted it, and rightly so, but right now it works well and Fred has been down in the engine room to give it a hug!
Now we have almost reached our first goal but we will continue to Cape Don, which is located on the Cobourg Peninsula !!!! Guess who we're thinking of then ?? From there it will be a night sailing to Darwin if all goes well.
If we are lucky, we'll be in Darwin on Thursday.

We left Thursday Island on Friday and chose a good time. About 11 o'clock we started in a fairly strong wind but we had tidal stream with us, 4 knots +, so we had good speed out through the islands. Had it been the other way around, it would not have been fun.
Thursday Island and Horn Island, so what to say about that?
Feels a bit like Polynesia, everything has kind of come to a standstill. Is there a future for these people? Everything is terribly expensive. But the Islanders are very nice and friendly, also look like Polynesians and not at all like Aboriginals.
We went in by ferry to TI from Horn Island where we were at anchor. A little calmer on the Horn side. There is strong winds between these two islands but at least the wind is not so strong  near Horn Island.

Thursday it blew something awful but we took the ferry to TI to buy some wine plus some fruit and vegetables. Then we had lunch at the Grand Hotel, a cold beer was exatly whar we needed.

Now it's Monday morning. Fred is sleeping and it's getting bright. Behind the boat the sky is red, the sun is rising.
But: Red sky in the morning is a sailors warning
         Red sky in the night is a sailors delight
Not true for sunrise is always red.
There is very little wind, we sail slowly, slowly but we move. Because we did not stop this night, we save time.

Now it's afternoon, still no wind, we started Mr Perkins at 12 and he has been working until now at 16.
We have to get wind !!
We have eaten spycy sausages from Woolies, with cabbage / carrot salad. Good.
Then we played Queen, Rolling Stones, Small Faces at high volume while the Mr Perkins was working.
We are not used to this sea here in Australia. Flat as a pancake !! How can it be so incredibly different ??? Yes we are really surprised.

We'll see when we reach Darwin!

Now it's Tuesday morning. Tonight again no wind!
During the night we have had visits from one or more big birds. They sit on the solar panel and turn their ass towards the bimini. That is to say that they have shit down almost half the bimini !! Fred had to chase one away and it got so pissed and hissed at him. I also had one that I had to give a giant pacifier with a rope, three times before it got enough and disappeared.
We'll buy a big water sprayer, and then we'll give them a round. Nothing they die of but they probably will  get shit angry and take of.

Now we have cleaned away all the shit, damn it smells bad, and our new nice bimini, no no😩😩
We have also cleaned the deck because flying fish have landed there and died a slow death. Sad!
At 15.30 still calm sea and no wind. Strange! Mr Perkins has to work a little again.
Tomorrow we will probably reach Cape Don, where we will have to anchor and wait for the right tidal currents. Will probably be a night sailing to Darwin.

Now it's Wednesday morning. No wind during the night either.
Change of plans. We do not stop at Cape Don, we just go straith to Darwin, if all goes well, we will probably arrive in the middle of the day.
Seems like the tisial stream is not that strong right now. But it changes all the time.

Right now we were greeted by a Coast Guard aircraft. Whaoo they fly so low!!
Mast height !!! A little scarry but we waved happily to them. Then they contacted us via the VHF. "What is the name of your boat"? "Where do you come from and where are you going"? "Home port"?
"Have a nice sail to Darwin"! THANK YOU!!

Now it's Thursday morning.
The sun has risen and the sea is so calm, like a mirror!
ETA To Darwin is about 10. Nice to be there soon. We'll probably have to drop anchor in Fannie Bay and wait for instructions.