Burnett Heads - Bundy (Bundaberg)

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Sat 16 Nov 2019 22:19
The Bundaberg Port Marina (port of entry to Australia) is situated on the Burnett River which also flows through Bundaberg,
about 15 km away. Closest little civilisation is Burnett Heads just a few km away. Situated at the shore of Hervey Bay.
That's where our closest convinient store, IGA, is situated. And on the way is by now our good friends at VMR are situated.
VMR, Volunteer Marine Rescue, are situated all along the coast of Queensland, 49 of them. And they are a great help for us sailors.
Easy to reach, VHF or phone, and very helpful with local advice and local weather reports.
Yes, the weather here is really very local and it's changes fast all the time.
We are now in the Southern part of Queensland and close to the beginning of the Great Barrier Reef.
Soon we will sail further South to Scarborough Marina close to Brisbane and on the way we will pass Fraser Island, 
the worlds biggest sand island.

A sea eagle.
When we arrived there had been no rain in 6 months.
Great guys. Working for free from 6 to 6 every day.
The Australian "world famous" Bundaberg Rum. 96% is consumed in Australia. 50% in Queensland.
4% export. 3% to New Zealand. The rest (1%) is exported to Bali, London ... places where Aussies live.
We like it. Dark and Stormy is one of our favorites. Bundy Rum mixed with Ginger Beer. 
Tasting as a part of the visit to the distillery. This was the top of the line Soleero, a bit like cognac, rum aged in barrels from Spain and France.
Australians love all sorts of markets.
The local bus works really well. Everybody super friendly and helpful. 
And youngsters using  their services have really learned how to behave. Nothing like the noisy disaster at home.