Licata to Salerno - 458 Nm, 11 stops

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Sun 9 Jun 2024 07:32
40 40 50N 14 45 50E Salerno, at anchor  3-9 June

We left Licata, Sicily, 2 May. Now we are anchored in Salerno, the main town on the Amalfi coast. We arrived 3 June. A perfect base camp to explore the fascinating surroundings.
So far we have made 11 stops, anchoring for free, and covered 458 Nm. The App Navily has been a great tool to find the right spots. Our best "friends" are Navionics, Windy and Navily.

Exloring the surroundings of Salerno. We took the train to Napoli (Naples) and then used the Hop On - Hop Off bus to see the city. It's big, ca 1 miljon people live there. 
Of course we had a pizza in the world capital of pizzas. The Greeks founded the city, Nea Poli (Nea is new in Greek). We also had a great view of the famous vulcano Vesuvius.
Then we rented a car for a day and drove along the famous nature vindling narrow Amalfi coast road. Already to many tourists around.
Today we will sail (motor, no wind) towards Capri and then we will see the Amalfi coast from the sea. Looking forward to that.
Yesterday we took the train to Pompei and visited the archaeological site together with thousands of other tourists. Been there done that!! We were not that impressed.
Salerno is a nice town with good atmosphere. A good safe place to be anchored. Laundry nearby and a Lidl as well. 

Later today we will slowly start moving towards Capri. Maybe we will stop at Amalfi. At the end of coming week it looks that the wind will be southerly.
Our plan is to do a night sail then and arriving in the Tuscany Archipelago.

24-25 May, Stromboli. Not single sign of activity!

Agropoli, 31 May to 3 June. Best pizza so far. Nice town and anchorage.
Super nice pizza!

Salerno. We where anchored in that bay close to the centre of town. 


Pompei, interesting but too many people and too hot.