Sitia, Crete - Stop 132

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Sun 12 Jun 2016 16:27
This is stop 132 since we left Makkum in the Netherlands two years ago.
It was really a fantastic feeling to be on the move again.
It was a slow day of motoring from Agios to Sitia along the beautiful shoreline which we learned to like through the fantastic walks we had together with Tony and other sailors.
It really felt like well deserved holiday for a sored body and over cooked mind.
Sharing space with 4 other yachts, no interaction. Free to stay. There is water and el on the jetty ... but you need to pay for it.
And nothing works on a Saturday or a Sunday.

Yes, why not.
Marc (with Oscar) informed Greta, Belgium (she has been living on Crete for 12 years) that we left for Sitia.
She was waiting in the jetty welcoming us.
We had a lovely evening and dinner together at Cretan House. Meses, our favourite Cretan food, and local Sitian wine.
Before e\we leave we will definitely buy some.
Tomorrow, Monday, we will do the trek/walk through the gorge nearby. Looking forward to do that.