The Sailing Season is over & Change of plans ... again

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Sun 1 Nov 2015 14:38

Marina Aghios Nokolaos, Crete, Greece - Stop 130


The sailing season is over for this year ...

and we safely moored  here in Agios Nikolaos for the winter. 

We have had a fantastic season, lots of adventures and lots of really fantastic sailing.

To cross over from Crete to Kalamata could be very risky at this time of the year and suddenly there were space for us here in the marina, five to six boats did'nt manage to get here, at least three of them, because of bad weater conditions.

11 September we arrived crossing from Santorini an our plan was to stay in Marina Kalamata on the mainland from around the 1:st of November. Berth booked and deposit payed. There will be time to go there next year.

We are happy to stay here and the next sailing season might start in the middle of April.

The weater, so far, has been amazing, still you can enjoy a nice swim in the ocean and shorts and T-shirt is still the dress code.

Here on pontoon B there are at least twelve boats with people staying for the winter, mostly british. We are slowly starting to know everyone and they are nice people making different kind of activities, Happy Hour on Friday afternoons, BBQ, walks in different part of the island, singing groups etc, etc. Bikes are out again .

We are going to have a nice winter here and Crete is a beautiful island and the people here are  friendly and helpful.