Marina Saal, Donau km 2400 - Yes, we made it! WOW! - St Jean de Losne to Donau, Marina Saal, 904 km:s

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Mon 11 May 2015 16:00
48 54 63N 11 55 50E

Marina Saal, Donau Km 2400

Yes we made it! (and the mast, in good shape, is here waiting for us)

We started from St Jean de Losne in France 3rd April. 

39 days, 182 locks and 23 stops later we are at the beginning of the Danube River.
Running the engine 165 hours (without any problems). The distance covered, 904 km:s.

The old French canals and locks was challenging as always, the River Rhine (downstream) although huge locks was a treat, River Main (upstream) nice and Der Main Donau Kanal thrilling with it's huge locks, some lifts around 25 m:s, like cathedrals.
Most of the time very good weather. Our mooring technique has developed tremendously and are now more sophisticated with two mooring points always. Much less violent especially while looking upstream. 

Safely moored at marina Saal at Donau. 

19 locks, about 130 bridges, 8 countries and 2400 km:s later we will be in Constanta, Rumania, Black Sea.

From now on it’s all downstream. What a scary treat. There are a bit of current.