Boqueron, last stop in Puerto Rico

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Tue 1 May 2018 17:29
18 01 16N 67 10 61W  Bahia de Boqueron, at anchor 

This morning we left La Guancha for this bay, Bahia de Boqueron. 

This will be our last stop in Puerto Rico before we cross the Mona Passage, Canal de Lamona. And enter Dominican Republic (DR). 
Two countries sharing the second biggest island in the Caribbean, Hispaniola. The second country is Haiti.
The biggest island is Cuba.

Travelling with the wind and the waves, like we do now, makes sailing life a lot easier. 41 Nm today.
Tomorrow will be a long sailing day, 73 Nm to go. Means we have to raise our sails at first light (around 6).
There will be 13 hours of light. 

And yes we took of ... but later on we decided to change our plans due to weather and complicated clear in&out prcedures in DR.
About halfway we changed our route for a night sail and heading for Boca Chica, Marina Zar Par, on the South coast. 

We just realised that we haven't been in a marina since we left Peak in Trinidad. That was the 26th of Februari.
More then 2 months ago.

So far we produced about 2000 liter. The water maker works like a dream.

Power is generated by Mr Perkins (alternator), the solar panel and our Whisper Generator.
The new Lithium batteries storing energy will make a big difference.

18:45 it's starting to get dark.

Time for a Sundowner.