Sarköy, Local Market

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Fri 24 Jul 2015 17:25

We have been stuck here in Sarköy for a while, which we actually have been very happy about. 

The Meltemi have been angry for at least four days so everybody, yachts and fishermen, have been waiting for this scary vind to calm down. But it also give you a nice cool breeze.

We have been busy fixing things on board, new and much bigger mirror in master cabin bathroom

(Grete likes this a lot) and some other small items.

Today, Friday, there was a huge local market just in the middle of the town. Loads of fresh fruits and vegetables where for sale at reasonable prices. 

10 kg:s, at least, of watermelon, peaches, plums, cherries, tomatoes, green peppers, dill, parsley,

potatoes … we bought … at an average price of about a Euro a kilo. We where happy and they where happy.

There’s a nice atmosphere in this town where we are the only foreigners, people are very friendly and we start to be recognised everywhere. 

Tomorrow we will sail away again towards enterence of The Dardanelles.

Now when the Meltemi has gone we have no wind and the temperature is crazy … hot!!! 42C!!!

Fred just came back after a shave in the barber shop, 1,5 Euro, with AC!!! 

My god it’s hot, I have been sweating in the galley preparing a tzatziki, just perfect food for this climate, and it’s cold. Fresh bread and a tasty healthy sallad together with some cold wine … that’s what you need in this sort of climate. And of course some wonderful fruit to enjoy.

It’s 19:30 and the temperature starts to be human. Time to take a walk to the internet cafe and have some Turkish Dondurma (ice cream) and do some internetting.