Clearance In & Quarantine - Kupang/Indonesia - Yesterday, finally we where set free

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Fri 15 Oct 2021 20:17
Friday 15 Oct, Timor Sea - Motoring towards Flores island

Arrival Monday 4th Oct - Quarantine ended 9th of Oct - Clearance was ready yesterday Thursday 14th.

A very long, frustrating and time consuming procedure. Some money is involved to.

Before going to Indonesia we got our Visa and Vesseldeclaration done with help from Raymond Lesmana.
Hi is an agent and the charge for us was 550 USD/person. There was a lot of papers involved.
We send 14 documents to him.

In Kupang we also had to use an agent. Without Matthew we would have been even more lost. His charge was 1,5 miljon IDR
ca 100 USD/yacht.

Upon arrival in Kupang we anchored and then we picked up a polite Quarantine Officer with the dinghy from the beach.
He wanted some documents and made some photos, it was done quite fast.
Then we went together with him to a "Clinic" to get tested, 525 000 IDR/p (ca 50 USD/p).
Back to the yacht. Now we had to stay onboard until Saturday. New test. 
Sunday quarantine was over.
We had to pay another 750 000 / yacht for transport and the so called Green Book (Ship Health Book).
Which you have to carry with you while sailing in Indonesia. 
And you have to get the book stamped and processed any place there will be a harbour master (coast guard).

Now the clearance process could start. We where 3 yachts. Monday we needed to rent a car, 600 000 IDR and 
the captains went together with agent Matthew to prepare all necessary document.
Piles of papers and 4 copies of everything. Also visiting Quarantine, Immigration and Customs. 
A lot of driving all over Kupang and a lot of frustrating waiting.

Tuesday Immigration (3 officers) came to the yacht. Nice and polite. No money involved.
This day we alson needed Matthew together with a car, another 600 000 IDR.

Wednesday it was Customs turn to visit our yachts. Again nice and polite officers. No money involved.

Thursday we finally managed process and get our Green Book plus a documents necessary to be able to check out from Kupang.
This document which also now is a part of the Green Book needed to be stamped by Customs, Quarantine and Immigration.
Again a lot of driving around.
Afternoon yesterday finally then we could go to the "Harbour Master" (a lot of stamps involved). It said Coast Guard on his uniform.

The longest and most complicated clearance ever in our own sailing history so far at least visiting 36 countries.

Yesterday we celebrated together with the crew from S/Y Nadine and Moddy Finn at Restaurang 999 (former Teddys Bar)
on the waterfront. Nice inexpensive food and polite staff and management. And a lot of the local lager, Bintang.
We where incredible 13 (6 kids) people sharing one taxi back to the beach. No rules in this country.

Today we left at 6 for the Island Flores about 140 Nm away. No wind but sunny weather. Perkins is running.
We are crossing together with two Swedish sailing yachts. S/Y Nadine (HR 46) with Madde and Marcus plus three 10 year old kids
and Peach (HR 385) Karin and Göran. It's nice to have some company to enjoy ups and downs with.
We will anchor outside city Ende tomorrow.