Kücükkuyu (What a name!) - Beach life Turkish styl e, big time

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Mon 3 Aug 2015 19:10
39 32 75N 26 36 18E  Kücükkuyu (wonder how it's pronounced) 2-4 August

Almost no wind. Around 40 C. The best place to be is in the water.
Or in our Master Cabin where the AC is just working perfectly and giving the relief you need to sleep.
That was a truly good investment. In this climate your brain is boiling.

A day on the beach together with all the Turkish tourists. I feel quite naked in my sarong, not to talk about wearing a bikini.

This is a great burka bikini!

​Muslim way of sunbaking. Don't worry about getting sunburned, wear a burka bikini!

No it's not a masquerade.
Grete feels she needs to be a bit covered up. 
Being masculine, you can behave and look as awful as you wish. Lot of contradictions, for sure, in this country.

Soon it's time for GT. Cheap shit Gin at rip of prices. We thought the taxes in Scandinavia was just horrible. Here they are totally insane.
Anything with alcohol is sold at ridiculously high prices. Anyway we enjoy the afternoon GT.

Then we manage to buy some minced meat (very expensive even compared to Scandinavia) and cooked a spaghetti Bolognese,. Yummy!
Vegetables and fruit are very good but we long for meet. Nothing wrong with chicken. We had it in all ways; kebab, whole grilled etc etc.
In the long end I think this would be a problem for us. 

Its almost ten now. The promenade close to us is just crowded with people enjoying the night breeze and a bit cooler air, so do we.
Sleeping on deck would be wonderful, but it's not an option. The whole crowd is watching us.

There will be Dondurma (Turkish ice cream) soon and then we will hide in our AC cooled Master Cabin and enjoy.