Maldives, Uligan - Djibouti 1850 Nm

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Mon 7 Feb 2022 08:37
Uligan, Maldives 7 Feb

This morning we where 17 sailing yachts anchored here at the Northern most tip of Maldives.
Today one yacht, Paw Paw, left for Djibouti.
Tomorrow there will be 6 more sailing towards Djibouti including us;
See You (F), Morgane (F), Golden Spirit of Islay (UK), Talulah Ruby (UK), Kandiba (TR) and us.

Others will continue to participate in the rally heading South. 


There is about 1850 Nm to "sail". Hopefully we will get some proper winds this time.
We think we have to spend about 15 days/nights at sea. Nothing we are looking forward to.
It's a long way to go. 
At least we can have some contact with our fellow sailors with our satelite phones (SMS).
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