Venice - Still 15 July

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Sat 15 Jul 2017 20:28
We thought it was going to be  major tourist trap ... and yes ... in some ways ... but you could easily avoid that if you want.
This city is just packed with experiences.
This is probably one of the iconic things ... turned into .., 80 E for 30 minutes???!!!
But it has to be there.

This is the Piazza a few hours later. It seems tourists are not early birds.
We had the whole town for our selves for a while. How good is that!
This Basilica is wonderful intricate decorated. The workmanship is ...
Just a few meter away there is total calmness and harmony. 
And in every corner and ally there is something interesting. There is something for all senses, for sure.
The concentration of things just appealing to your senses ... fantastic.
There is something for everyone, for sure.

Canal Grande.
A view from Hop off Hop on.

Time for a break. Lunch tapas style, very relaxed, beer prosecco "tapas" Italien way ... about 25 E ...
in the middle of Venice ... at a canal ... delicious.
Thats the place. 
20 E, seven stops. It's all about water. Murano is all about Venetian glass.
Impressive but not the stuff we decorate or us on our ocean sailing yacht.
Still a lot of interesting beautiful stuff around.
Passing Piazza San Marco.