Hvar, Croatia - The number of chartered boats, unreal - And this is still low season

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Wed 7 Jun 2017 17:18
This is our stop number 205 since we left Makkum, NL, 2014 (not including about 500 locks on the way to Black Sea).

43 09 66N 16 25 07E at anchor in a straight opposite Hvar. 6-7 June

At the moment we are just doing short day sails, nice.

The number of chartered yachts in this area is just crazy. To many yachts and to few places to anchor and moor. And the mooring fees are just hilarious.
Maybe one of te reasons why these youngsters after being paying redicelous money chartering a yacht try to avoid the marinas.
But at the same time the want to be where the action is, of course. 
We paid a visit to ACI Marina Palmizana with the dinghy yesterday. 
This was not a crowded camping site this was a boating ghetto. 
On most yachts there are 6-10 people seeking new holiday experiences and there is a need for action during this week. The heat is on.
It was like a kind of a catwalk with all these so called yachties trying to show off.
Get me out of here, fast. Help!
This is a kind of new charter tourism which has nothing to do with serious long time sailing.
Dinghy excursion to Hvar.
We where positively supprised by Hvar. Nice vibrant atmosphere in a historic setting.
A good mix with mature people and young wanna be jet setters.

Our mission was to find a sim card for our wifi dongle. Makes life so much easier.
4 x 7 days unlimited data, 4 x 11 Euro. Fine, perfect.
A nice surprise; Fruit & veg market, butcher and a big Konzum.
Supplies for the next 4-5 days.
It was not over crowded with charter sailing boats and the best no super motor fucking yachts.
Noisy, arrogant and always taking to much space.