Compiegne, river Oise - 10 Ecluse to go, 170 km - Paris next

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Tue 14 Oct 2014 19:28
49 25 09 N  02 49 22 E - Compiegne 13-15 Oct, Oise

Paris next,
This is a very charming town, the best so far (about 70’ inhabitants), a historical centre and very nice bread as always here in France.
On top of this there was a marine help centre, diesel, gas, new fenders …. basically everything we needed to go on. France is France take it or leave it.
There are only 10 large locks (about 160 km:s) from here to Paris. No doubt we will make it.
NICE. There are always people stopping making very positive remarks about Sans Peur. Yes she is a bit different.
Weather is changing. Not a problem for us. Mornings and nights are getting colder (but we are still not that far from the Atlantic) and then again the afternoons are so nice. Beeing able to sit outside enjoying a drink and the sun still warming.
We still like Scandinavia, climate wise this is much better.
Today Grete was preparing of a Pesto Genovese in our cockpit, Pastis as a drink. Oh yes we like it. Both the Pastis and the Pesto.