New friends in Budapest

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Sat 6 Jun 2015 19:20
This little hideaway spot has been named "Fred's Cave". It's nicely positioned at the railway station near "our" Marina in Budapest, and he believes he has earned a nice cold local beer after a hard day of sightseeing. (Seems to be a lot of pics of me and Fred drinking beer!)
We head downstream on the mighty Danube tomorrow, two days to Belgrade....more beer?
We have had a fantastic time in this most beautiful city.
Yesterday we went to a garden party in the suburbs of Budapest, guests of Doo Doo and Marie. Fred and Grete met them on the Danube in Linz, before I joined them. They were taking home a 30foot yacht to Budapest that they had bought in Holland. Really nice people, and through them we met Andreas and Charlie and Violet And then we hosted them on Sans Peur the next day.

Today we went high above the Danube to the castle and enjoyed the most expensive beer so far, but the best views, and we were serenaded by a very talented and entertaining string trio.

I'm still wrestling with this blog, so I need to post this and add some more pics, out of sequence, but I'm sure you'll work it out.

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