Monemvasia Castle - WOW - Unique

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Thu 21 Jul 2016 17:44
36:41.00N 23:02.33E Monemvasia 19-21/7 

This is by far one of our favourite places, a fantastic combination of an real the ancient structure in combination with love and care for the future. We wish more places would be able to realise this.
In this lovely place, Voltes, we enjoined authentic delicious cocked Greek mezes together with local wine in an spectacular setting. Price 35 Euro. How good could it be! 
A huge turtle visiting us.
Very bad holding and very strong gusts +40 knots. Everybody on watch for about 9 hours.
A lot of chain rattling. Boats moving losing their hold. Scary.
We decided to buy a new swivel. The super strong Cromox chain, 10.000 kg break load, needs a proper connector to the 33 kg Rocna (Rock Solid) anchor. Kong, Italien made swivel. Certified for 9.500 kg. We will get it delivered to Kalamata in a few days. 
On that spectacular cliff you will find the castle.
And of course there is a church (more then one). Everywhere in the world we light a candle for the lost near and dear. In this case 5.
4 x times parents. Really good ones. Plus Gretes sister, she died much to young, only 47.

View from the restaurant, Voltes.
On our way home. Full moon and Grete is getting a bit crazy. She does not like full moons.
The Meltemi came finally down and we managed to escape this lovely but also scary place.