Gouvia, Greece - Preparing for Serande, Albania

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Fri 5 May 2017 16:55
39 39 81 N 19 51 44 E  Gouvia, at anchor

We like Corfu, a lot. 

Finally a major mind challenging problem was solved. 
Panos, Multiplex, managed to service our alternator and reinstall it.
And again some smart electrician tells you that the guys who worked with it did something wrong. 
BUT this guy actually solved a problem which has been there since we bought the boat.
The originally installation, done in Holland by Mastervolt "pros", was not correct.
The alternator has because of this while connected and running been the source of tension in our aluminium hull, which is not good at all.
And now the problem is gone. What a relief.

While they where at it the also found a loose engine mount, that was what causing extra vibrations.
Adding 4 x M16 nuts securing and locking the bolts made a big important difference.
Ni vibrations and less noise. 

Guess we are happy sailors. Thank you Panos.

We left Old Habour midday after been shopping fruit and veggies and went to Gouvia Marina just 4 Nm away.
You can stay for free 2 hours and we paid 14 Euros for 1000 l of water.
Filled our tank and cleaned the whole boat. Took us two and a half hours of hard labor. But it was absolutely worth it. 
Nice and clean again and so are we. 
Jesus, we are tired now!! We also managed to wash a lot of clothes which were really needed.👍
At anchor just outside the marina, in front of a hotel which provide us with free fast internet, thank you!
Enjoying a GT and longing for a ready made dinner. 

As you understand this was a good day in our sailor life.