Nürnberg - A well deserved rest day

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Thu 7 May 2015 11:03
49 25 92N 11 00 66E

Nürnberg 6-8 May, restday

A long day of locking, 6 locks.
It was an early start, around 7, from Bamberg yesterday. 
S/Y Bruiser, a 34 foot Dehler, with a crew from Hungary (2 men and a women) followed us the whole day.
Nice cruising weather and we where lucky with the locking during most of the day.
We had to lock together with som really huge barges, all went well though.
It's hard work to handle the ropes upstream in the huge locks without "Schwimmpoller". 
When the locks are higher then 6 m:s you can not climb up, instead you have to stay onboard and handle the ropes using the 
fixing points on the wall of the lock. A bit tricky sometimes. 5 of 6 locks was big and 3 huge yesterday.
We decided to skip Erlangen and continue direct to Nürnberg instead, arriving around 19:30, at the marina at KM 65,2 km outside 
the city. GT, BBQ, some wine ... then movie time, Game of Thrones ... and yes we slept like logs. 
Restday well deserved. Sun is out.
Today we feel a bit beaten, basically all our muscles are aching.
IKEA next. But how to get there??? That's the problem. According to the harbour master it's a "Weltreise" to get there from the marina.
A local very sympathic yachtie offer to drive us there. Vielen Dank!
And here we are. Free WiFi, perfect.
Soon there will be Swedish meet balls, yummy.
We will of course buy Kalles Kaviar and Matjes Sill (herring). Necessary surviving stuff for us, people from The North.
And then we will try to find our way home, a small adventure. Means probably bus, underground, other underground, bus again and the a bit of walking.
Skål på er då!

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