Leaving Scarborough Marina after lockdown - Sailing North towards Darwin

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Wed 11 Aug 2021 23:35
Carlisle Island, at anchor, 11-12   August 20 47 17S 149 16 50E

Finally we manage to leave Scarborough. Covid lockdown ended Sunday 8 August at 16:00 hours.
We left at 15. 

73 hours later later and 503 Nm we make our first stop at Carlisle Island close to Airlie Beach.
It was 68 hours of sailing, fast 6,9 knots in average.
Rough weather, not very much sun. 3 nights with very little sleep.

This night we slept like logs for 9 hours in row. 
At first light this morning, around 6, we sat sails again. Ca 180 Nm to go. 
Tomorrow we will anchor at Magnetic Island (close to Townsville).
Windy predicts 15-25 knots of wind from SE.

We saw  humpback whales mating a couple of times. Hard to get any good photos in this  weather.
They are really spectacular.