Dominican Republic, Marina Zar Par - Night sail

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Wed 2 May 2018 21:24

18 26 43N 69 37 23W  Marina Zar Par, Boca Chica  - Attached to a buoy 

Halfway into the crossing we changed our plans and went directly to Boca Chica on the South coast, 146 Nm.

This morning we arrived. Very shallow. Happy we have our lifting keel and a draught of just 1,4 m.

A bit tired after just a few hours of sleep. Very helpful people in the marina.

The most thorough check by officials so far since we started sailing.
We had to go alongside a jetty, stay onboard and wait for the officials. After some time 4 friendly guys entered our yacht
searching here and there.

That was step one. Next, time to check in at the marina. A bit of paperwork. Buoy 30 USD/night, that includes a working WiFi and Showers. Fine with us.

Then Immigration. All in all 85 USD, 4000 Pesos (this a Spanish talking independent country). You pay for the yacht plus a certain fee per person.

Finally we had to move away from the pontoon and head for our bouy.
With some help from the marina guys all went well. There was a lot of wind.

Restaurants are a lot cheaper here. The first time in a very long time we could afford a tender filet of beef, nicely roasted.

Feels good to be here. Out of the man stream charter yacht packed areas. 
The marina is not to big and with a nice mix of local yachts and visiting sailors.
Some sandy local beaches close by fringed with palm trees.

We have booked 5 days, maybe we stay longer.

The strange stupid thing with Dominican Republic is that you have to check in and out of every place you visit and there are basically no anchorages it seems????
We'll see.

Our plan for the moment is to try to rent a car, if we can find one at a decent price, and explore the island for a couple of days. 

Wind is slowing decreasing, sun is out and we are enjoying a GT onboard.
Life is good, ... again.