Emmersdorf / Melk, Km 2037,2

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Thu 21 May 2015 16:00
48 13 87N 15 18 71E  Donauhafen Emmersdorf, 21-22 May

21 May, Linz, early morning 

Rain, rain, rain …
Water level on Donau is getting higher and higher … not good.
Current is also increasing … a lot.
At 8:30 we leave … and the rain stops. Thank you!
We will travel 95 km:s today and 4 “Schleusen”. Lucky us we find the barge Bavaria 55 as a good travelling companion.
At some stage we are speeding at 22,8 km doing 1600 rpm. A bit scary.
At 16:30 we enter Donauhafen Emmersdorf … nearly getting stuck on a sand bank at the entrance.
Bow thruster screaming and Mr Perkins forcing the hull through the sand. 
W are travelling very fast but … would prefer less current. 
Surroundings are just breath taking … with sun it would just have been a perfect day on the river (except from the scary entrance experience).
Drizzling rain … no problems with a cozy deck house, heating,  a spicy chili con carne and some good wine.

Stift Melk and Schleuse Melk