Rum, the National drink of Dominican Republic

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Sun 6 May 2018 22:13

​We took a taxi to the capital, Santo Domingo, the capital.
This was the place where the first westerners settled in the Caribbean. This is 14-1500.
The whole of America was Spanish at that time (do you think Mr Trumph knows that? I doubt.)
There is the oldest cathedral in the whole of the entire America (including Trumph country).
Suddenly we run into this Museo de Ron.
Interesting how already then making a alcoholic drug in an industrial way was big business.
Columbus introduced sugarcane from, it seems Islas Canaries, in order to produce rum big scale in the Caribbean.
Big business.

The oldest distillery around now is Mount Gay Rum, manufactured in Barbados since 1703.

The guys proudly making RON is called RONEROS (some kind of local big shot Dons).

So much money made of getting people addicted.

No wonder that Coca Cola is around. Rum & Coke.
How good is that!
With the original Coke mix with cocain from Bolivia (even though the deny it today).

If we have to choose "drugs" we prefer wine.

This pitcher is huge, ca 1 liter.